7890036My practice involves technology innovation, business development, negotiations, estate law and nonprofit representation. My mission integrates over ten years of legal training with entrepreneurial, spiritual and life experiences into a holistic legal advocacy approach. My juris doctorate from Stanford University provides a solid foundation of legal knowledge. But, my spiritual practice and experience representing individuals, technology companies and socially responsible organizations has been an active training in the needs of real people.

My philosophy integrates industry knowledge and experience, cultural diversity, individual empowerment, kindness, respect and rational conflict resolution. My holistic approach is to view the client and the case as a whole and provide the support and direction required to reach business goals, navigate the complexity of the legal system or resolve conflict swiftly and justly.

My methodology begins with building a sincere partnership. As needed, I provide potent advocacy including investigation, documentation, integrative negotiations, mediation and litigation.

“Speak softly and carry a big stick; you will go far.”
Theodore Roosevelt

Practice areas: software development, business development, ecology, endangered species, civil rights, toxic torts, negotiations, wills, trusts, estates, nonprofit law, music and art

Bar Memberships
Supreme Court of California; State of California and the US Federal Circuit